Improving health

Any form of movement and exercise improves your health, vitamin D on your skin, heart pumping a bit faster, builds muscles, easy on joints,  aerobic exercises. Improves balance,  fun, social and competitive, releases endorphins  

Improving happiness

The sense of achievement enough to put a smile on your face and give you a good laugh is our aim. We encourage people to move outside from the computer screen and into the fresh air and look up and enjoy the current moment. – savouring the moment

Strengthen relationships

Meeting people and talking to people for the first time on a one to one basis or part of a group. As strange as it may seem also to work on your relationship with the bike… Connect with people

Improved feeling of satisfaction

Start talking about cycling when you were younger and the freedom it gave you – sitting on the bike and freewheeling as a start is satisfying, but what a sense of achievement when you get to the top of your first hill, or do your first 1 mile ride. Satisfaction differs for each individual and we understand that, so you have no one other than yourself to impress or satisfy or even challenge. Unless of course you have a competitive edge and we can have some fun as you progress up the levels.

Improve confidence

Confidence on the bike, confidence in groups, confidence in yourself – we can list a lot of areas of confidence and it is the very small steps within all of these areas of confidence that will come sometimes without you noticing.  

Promoting social inclusion

By removing inequalities for individual people who are predominantly from low income families and do not have the same life chances as their more privileged peers.


Voluntary work has so many benefits and as awareness of the scheme increases we expect that volunteers will also increase and form a small community.